Saturn Transits and the Saturn Return

Saturn wants you to work. Saturn wants you to examine your life. But not just sit there. Take action. There is a famous poem from Rilke with a famous line at the end: “You must change your life.”

Astrologers talk about eclipses finding the weak points and Saturn does that too. He shows you what’s not working. He does more than show you! So wherever Saturn is transiting in your chart, take note! What are the aspects? Any ease to be found? What are the challenges? You must not hide from Saturn, even though you want to 🙂 I have a Saturn Neptune opposition in my natal chart so finding the balance between work and… escape is a test.

It’s like being called to the principle’s office. You sit across from him or her. You look down at your feet. You want to say something sassy, but you don’t. Saturn knows what’s not working in your life. Saturn knows best, even though it feels… ugh… it feels like… you won’t make it. But as long as you are alive? You are.

I’ll never forget Saturn in Virgo conjuncting my Moon Pluto with transiting Uranus opposing. I remember talking to my boyfriend at the time, “I’m dead. You’re talking to me, but I’m dead.” He’s a Cancer Sun and was a great comfort. He listened.

When you feel defeated by a Saturn transit or you feel afraid, hold steady. Saturn wants you to hold steady. And then move forward when the time (Saturn) is right. And for those of you with loved ones who are suffering the Saturn Challenge? Offer support, stay close. They need it. They’ll remember you were there.

Note to self: “…for here there is no place that does not see you…”

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