Saturn Transit Through The 4th House (part 3 of many, eventually adding up to a whole)


This transit is so deep, deep down below, I know I’m just beginning to understand it.

And yes for many it will be about building a base — home and family. Root establishment. Root reckoning. And reckoning with the past. Home and family. Who the hell ARE THEY? Who the hell are they to you? Then and now. Saturn compels you to DEFINE. You cannot ignore Saturn EVER. And you surely cannot ignore Saturn moving through the base of the chart.

For some grown-ups of a certain age, Saturn through the 4th may be a reckoning around children — that you aren’t going to have any. Or that you are. Home selling, home buying. Moving.

Last night I typed this into my phone, to post here today 🙂

Saturn 4th is like a mirror to the rest of the chart. Shows you exactly what’s going on. You can’t hide.

It’s the vagina of the chart. The opening. And from there you see all.

Saturn is truth: truth about where you come from, who is there now, who you can count on.

Saturn is time. With Saturn we remember. Remember your family under this transit. Count them.

This is the memorial transit.

Slight tangent: I’m now too old and too conscious to throw people away. I used to throw people away all the time.

I made a new friend recently who turned out not to be a friend. I would like to shake him now. Don’t you see ? That you are too old to throw people away? But Saturn is not transiting his 4th House 🙂

I’m not advocating bad boundaries or being around abusive people or bad-for-you people BUT you get to a certain age and you decide to stop running. That is all 🙂

Wishing you good stars xx

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