Saturn Transit Through The 2nd House

"saturn transit through the 2nd house"
Ugh Saturn

Saturn through my 2nd House is kicking my ass. Saturn is fear. Saturn oppresses. Saturn blocks. I have no nice words for Saturn today. I am not very New Agey, I know. Not in the mood for that. But I’ll hug the crystals for you tomorrow, when I feel better 😉

Thing is: part of my situation is my own fault, I know this. At the same time though, a Saturn transit through the 2nd House of earned income squaring my Sun Mercury Mars is… what it is. Harsh.

Also, oddly, I’ve been having weird confrontations with Scorpios, Suns and Moons. They come at me, teeth bared. I’m sitting in the corner, minding my business and… I don’t know how to explain it yet. They discharge their energy in me. And the dogs are dying or leaving my life. Lotsa lotsa lotsa change. Looking for solid ground. I should take my own advice and look at The Stars Today and find it.

The black and white cat sits beside me on the futon. She’s purring. The orange cat is on the black chair, sleeping. Everything is quiet, everything is still. My legs are crossed. Saturday morning. Almost early afternoon. The trees don’t know from all this. There’s a huge tree outside my bedroom window. I was worried it would break during Hurricane Irene but it did not break. Here we go again. The metaphor. Be the tree and stay rooted through Hurricane Saturn. In my natal chart, I have Saturn trine Moon, Saturn sextile Sun. Are you going through a difficult Saturn transit? You can find clues in your chart… to lead you to sources of support that you’ve forgotten about during your fear and panic.

I’m going to do now what I always suggest you do: get myself something to drink, something to eat, grab my chart, and sit down.

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