Saturn Through The Fourth House Medicine

"saturn in sagittarius" I decided to make contact with my father today. He’s been dead for over 20 years.

Saturn is transiting my 4th House, one half of the parental axis.

It was brief contact. A small hello. A nod. I may try again tomorrow. I was distracted at the time, hungry and making dinner.

In the Saturn in Sagittarius class (and you can still join us – it’s lots of info and individual chart work) this evening i was bringing some material from Robert Hand (and my own commentary) about Saturn through the 10th which of course speaks to Saturn through the 4th and… I hadn’t made the magickal connection before.

Saturn through the 10th is not just the PEAK of your uniqueness as expressed through career rewards and accomplishment. Saturn through the 4th is not just making sense of and solidifying your home base, including the people in your life and literal home repair and restoration.

For those of us whose parents are long gone or recently gone, it’s a marvelous transit for ritual work, for reaching out, one tea light at a time πŸ™‚ Structure it structure it structure it, says Saturn!!! What are the rules here? asks Saturn.

But MoonPluto, what if I’m under this transit and I want a ritual and my parents are very much alive? Well, you can always light a candle for the Ancestors or helping spirits who are like father or mother to you. Or maybe you are seeking and hope to find such!

The Fourth House is your home. The Fourth House is your Soul. Lately I am calling the entire WHEEL a house and the “houses” are rooms to me but that’s another subject for another time πŸ™‚

Love, MP

I’ve added something new to my website. The link is here. Just a little bit of info for now. It’s for clients old and new who hunger for ritual, ceremony, and the tactile. Part One involves a consult or reading. Part Two is the Research (which makes Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo oh so happy!). Part Three: my findings, and Remedy.Β 

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