Saturn Through The 4th House: Excavation

"saturn in scorpio"Realized today that Saturn in Scorpio through my 3rd House isn’t only speaking or writing the (my) truth but curtailing my speech and/or my writing.

Being careful. Being disciplined. Less wild and free.

And there’s a big difference between curbing, curtailing, and being disciplined, right? I think of the former as needing to stop and the latter as… working on something. Like a play πŸ™‚

Saturn is also about defining the area of life where he’s transiting because when you define something you set the limit. This and not that.

And I feel that wherever Saturn transits… there is a chance for gloom and pessimism but also rising to the occasion, finally starting to get it right because the old ways don’t work, the old ways will be extracted like rotten teeth.

So Saturn through your 2nd could be you deciding how you want to make your money or it could be you needing to curb your spending.

Saturn through the 5th and finally you realize you better get serious about love and most likely will regret some decisions from the recent past, for example all of Saturn in Libra πŸ˜‰

Saturn through the 1st:Β this time is not wasted even though it feels like it at the time. You can wind up feeling that NOTHING is going your way. But what you learn during this transit will change your life in real (Saturn) ways. Won’t be apparent until Saturn through your 2nd though. You must learn patience. You must learn to stand up for yourself. You may stand up for yourself and still feel kicked around. Be nice to people undergoing this transit. Saturn through the 12th: you can kinda hide from it. You can’t hide from Saturn through the 1st.

Saturn through the 4th is an excavation. 4th House, my teacher used to say, is your symbolic foundations. Bottom of the chart. Your soul. Your family of origin. Repressed issues from childhood come up but you don’t realize it. You think it’s just… chemicals in your brain or some new pathology but it’s not. It’s your childhood, Dr. Freud, and all those unsolved issues with mommy and daddy will not let you sleep at night. With Saturn there you have the chance to learn what is limiting you, finally understand it and see it clearly — or you can just smash into walls and break bones, take it out on your body. Your choice.

Saturn is reality. Saturn will feel oppressive until you say “Okay. I’ll deal with this problem. ” Take responsibility! Fun!

Heh, I should stop before my descriptions get more and more gloomy πŸ˜‰ but that’s me, with Saturn through my 3rd House!

Lurv, MP


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