Saturn Square Neptune: Closer To Salvation (Part 1 of Many)

"saturn square neptune" Exact on Thanksgiving Day, this transit is on my mind (and on the mind of the chat room):

Reality-check-Saturn (in intellectual Sagittarius), by forcing this square to happen, presents a challenge to Neptune (your illusions) —

to transiting Neptune in your chart, as well as to your natal Neptune. Find your Sagittarius House and your Pisces House for the most recent up to date information on this.

What is Saturn?
Work, karma, time, reality, caution, pessimism, gloom.

What is Neptune?
Your ideal. Neptune is Potential. The way things should be (and you don’t even realize that you are demanding this from life or other people).

Neptune is confusion, illusion, delusion. Fog. Vision. Neptune is not work. Neptune is dreams, the feeling you get from listening to Satie. Also, victimhood, where you want to give up, lay down and die in your dreamy blissy masochistic bliss bliss. Neptune for me is that feeling I get when I go to my favorite church and look up at the stained glass Christ and swoon, in love and prayer. And Neptune for me is longing for and missing the Beloved (human or not).

Saturn says: SNAP OUT OF IT! (Cher to Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck).

My advice (some of my advice): roam through the Neptune keywords (if you have trouble locating what this transit is about for you) and roam through your own life experience, past, memories and discover which Neptune crosses you have been bearing. You probably don’t even notice they are there but you carry them you carry them.

Neptune IS the cross i.e. SACRIFICE but also your salvation. Healing. Bliss bliss.

The square from Saturn will make it painfully obvious to you that what you have been working on all these years, well, your target was a little off. Or a lot off. Neptune was fogging up the windows. And you must wake up and live in reality and not in dreams most of the time — BUT without losing faith, without losing Neptune. Because without Neptune, without dreams, we die.

The bittersweet pain of the square is this truth (Saturn) that you NEED for your evolution. Make this truth your cross. Carry it until it dissolves, until it becomes you. Until you float.


Maybe it will be a more Saturnian scenario, that you must go back to your office, to your little work table, to your breakfast of watery coffee and cold oatmeal and…


The sweet spot of this square is neither extreme — and it’s not about balancing them either or swinging between the two poles. The sweet spot, the salvation is in the STRENGTH card of the Tarot (which people keep drawing for me). Patience. Love. Compassion. For yourself and others. No matter how dark your dark night of the soul. Patience. Love. Compassion.

We do not “fix” squares. We live with them. We live with them until they pass, if they are transiting squares.

And we live with them our whole lives if they are natal. We live with “problems” that we cannot solve. We live with it — until the reckoning.

Right now one of my cats is sick. It makes me uncomfortable. She’s uncomfortable. We live with it. Things will change down the road but right now we live with it. There is a limit to what I can do to fix or solve or what the vet can do to fix or solve at this point. So we wait. We live with it.  We live with what cannot be solved but can be observed and understood and cared for with patience, love, and compassion. Every square requires patience, love, and compassion. The Strength card.

Do you know what I’m talking about?
Do you know how to LIVE WITH IT?


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