Saturn Retrograde: My Reality vs Your Reality

"saturn retrograde"

The bug man came today even though we aren’t having any problems. The landlady upstairs is having the problem which has turned out to be a kind of tiny fruitfly and she told me it was epidemic up there!

But here’s my question today: do you find that others try to inflict their reality on your reality? They think it’s the SAME THING.

I asked the bug man *not* to spray unless he needed to, unless there was a problem. It’s the smell I said. But really it’s not the smell. I’m highly sensitive to all kinds of things including chemical bug sprays, essential oils, all kinds of fumes! I didn’t really feel like explaining and then he said “Don’t worry. It doesn’t smell.”

He sprayed a tiny bit. I could smell it.

His reality vs my reality. He came into my home to tell me my reality was NOT.

People are so fucking weird.

No offense to the bug man (and I do respect this profession very much) but I encounter this a lot in my life. Others telling me how it is. I just don’t have the patience or the time to teach them that differences in humans exist and I do think it’s odd how they can be so… CERTAIN, how someone could not leave room for another possibility.

This was not the end of the world of course. I’m trying to make an analogy because with Saturn going Retrograde today, reality (Saturn) goes backwards (Retrograde), and so does Time, which is Saturn-ruled.

You may feel left behind. Your world may feel full of do-overs.

One way around this is to continue to do the work of Saturn in Libra but don’t expect results. Put away your expectations. For  now.

Happy Full Moon in Leo 🙂

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