Saturn Retrograde: Limitation Meditation

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We want it all to be written but it is not all written. More than ever I believe in free-will. Use my life as an example. Or trust me on this. The Tarot can only know so much. Readers, more or less skilled than me, can only know so much.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you the Limitation Meditation for Saturn retrograde. The limits of what we know, and can know, and the grace of… allowing.

Tell me if this has been your experience: that sometimes in life you are presented with two choices, two answers to a particular problem. This is the free-will part. Which one will you grab.

And the pre-destination part, I think, is the situation itself that is presented.

I do believe that much is out of our hands. 75/25 maybe but I’m not totally sure. Saturn goes retrograde to show you what is out of your hands unlike Saturn direct which is more about cause and affect, the power you have to make change, to DO something.

This is a theory of mine (the nature of the rx vs the direct motion). It’s my gut talking. It’s how it felt to me as I rode the subway home after grocery shopping and thought about a choice that is being presented to me as I write this here.

And here’s your Limitation Meditation for Saturn retrograde which is in the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus.

Remember that Libra is concerned with OTHER PEOPLE, with relating, with relationships.

The next time someone tells you that they love you… try to… really try to… but “try” without “trying”… to tune-in to that person, to enter what they are saying so that it becomes more than words, so that you can feel it, from their body to yours.

You really have to STOP to do this. Stop what you are doing. Stop walking, stop talking, stop texting, stop all the automatic.

And find the limit (Saturn rules limitation) within yourself. How much can you really feel, know, this love, this feeling, these words which are not words but symbolize, are a sign, pointing to… the best we have to offer as humans.

I did this today when someone told me they loved me. I had to enter the words because listening wasn’t enough.

Although this is a Saturn post, it’s a Neptune post too. We’ve got our fins in Pisces Season already. Neptune made the big move. Mercury did too. The Sun on the way. Next week’s New Moon, also in Pisces.

And in my natal, there’s a Saturn Neptune opposition so I’m always trying to balance (Libra) these guys – the reality (Saturn) and the dream (Neptune).

Love needs both.

Have you set your New Moon intentions yet? 


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