Saturn Retrograde: Integrity Meditation

"saturn retrograde"

Saturn is retrograde somewhere in your chart. I always bring up YOUR chart because I want you to think of astrology personally and how you can… mend your life rather than be a victim of circumstance or your own sloppy choices.


I only do readings from one Tarot deck but I own a couple others. I like the pictures. Tried to read from them but I can’t or won’t. And at some point, a few years ago I got a deck of cards, not Tarot, but an Angel deck and this deck was in storage for a few years but I’ve been enjoying pulling a card or two a day for myself. (Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Oracle Cards)

Today’s card — it actually fell out of the deck when I was putting yesterday’s cards back — is Integrity which of course made me think of Saturn because Saturn rules integrity and Saturn is retrograde and Saturn retrograde is an excellent time to… meditate on this.

What are your values? Are you living your values? Do your actions match up with what you tell others? Do your insides and outsides clash or agree? 

Saturn is transiting my 2nd House: not only what I value but my own value, whether I consider it at all, is on the table here.

What do you want? What’s good enough? What are you willing to accept? 

Let’s say someone is offering you something and you know deep down that it’s not what you want or what you need but you’re kind of stuck (a feeling that reminds me of the Devil card), can’t shake lose although it’s possible. Your integrity is in saying NO. This isn’t what I want or need nor is it healthy (yes I’m a Virgo Moon) and no I don’t need to explain but no thank you.


And sometimes… there’s stuff in our charts that we need to… mature. Stuff we need to live the high side of. For example, I’ve got a 12th House Venus. The low side of this aspect is secret love, hidden love i.e. affairs with people who are not free. The high side of this aspect is to turn away from secrets or hopeless self-destructive love.

So it’s a matter of maturing an aspect so that you can say not only do you live your chart but you live it with integrity. I have a wide Venus square Saturn but every astrologer I’ve ever had a reading with included it and I feel it in my life. This aspect alone can show the tendency to hide — to hide the suffering (Saturn) and to hide the love (Venus).

This is what the Integrity card said “Align your actions so that they match your values and inner knowingness of what’s right for you.”

Do you know what you value and do you live it?


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