Saturn Retrograde February 18th

How do you feel about Saturn going retrograde?

Does it feel like a break to you? Or an interruption?

Saturn only gets to 11 degrees before he goes retrograde on February 18th.

Is it just me? I feel like he just got to Scorpio and *already* we need a review of the lessons. And more homework. And maybe a swat with the ruler ๐Ÿ˜‰

He goes back to 4 degrees Scorpio and goes direct on July 7th.

Are you thinking ahead? If Saturn is your work i.e. what you are meant to do here on earth school ๐Ÿ™‚ then what happens in your life when he slows, stops, and reverses?

I remember when Saturn was in Libra, I was grateful for the retrograde. Until I got sick of it ๐Ÿ™‚ There comes a time, I think, when we just want to get on with it.

I am wondering though how you think it will affect you.

Saturn retrograde isn’t quite the “opposite” of Saturn direct (I think it’s more nuanced than that) but it can show a more… casual, more free, less refined, more open approach to those areas of life where he’s traveling your chart. Fewer chains but… some of us sing in our chains like the sea (to quote Dylan Thomas).

Saturn retrograde could bring a more internal, interior approach, a more spiritual mystical approach to the problem of your karma, your fate. Why you’re here. What your lessons are.

For example: you may not advance in your job while Saturn is retrograde but you may be planning your moves.

You can even think of it like a reversed Tarot card. Saturn, for all those months, won’t be his usual straightforward teacher-with-the-ruler self.

This can certainly bug people who Just Want To Move Forward with their long-range plans.

On the other hand though… clearly we need to… revisit the past, revisit the plan, the path.

Above all, Saturn wants you to take charge. Take responsibility. No victim-mind allowed. Saturn doesn’t care. Saturn nods his head when you feel the fear and do it anyway.

Saturn retrograde can be YOU reviewing how to do that. How to do it better.

A poem for Saturn retrograde. These words by Antonio Machado (translated by Robert Bly).

Is my soul asleep?

Have those beehives that work

in the night stopped? And the water-

wheel of thought, is it

going around now, cups

empty, carrying only shadows?ย 


No, my soul is not asleep.

It is awake, wide awake.ย 

It neither sleeps nor dreams, but watches,

its eyes wide open

far-off things, and listens

at the shores of the great silence.ย 

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