Saturn Retrograde 3rd House: What To Do With The Blog

Do you guys like my New York stories? I like writing them. I am looking for ways to make my blog more interesting to me and thus you too 🙂

I still plan to write my Stars Today and Stars This Week (current transits) and I love writing about Tarot lately although I realize I am doing less “explain such and such transit” or “explain such and such house” type writing lately.

In the past I’ve even considered starting a serialized novel on the blog, astrology-related of course 🙂 little things like that. The blog is how I make my living. Clients find me here (besides word of mouth) so I can’t stop being an astrologer (nor do I want to) but how to make it… I don’t know yet. Don’t know what it’s supposed to become.

And now that SATURN IS RETROGRADE in my 3rd House (writing!), it’s time to… ponder 🙂 And I hope you are pondering what this transit means for you. On DAY ONE, yes.

And oof! I just made a list of 7 types of blog posts that I like writing. Maybe I’ll feel less angst if I just stick to that list, rotate. It’s probably time that I revive my Dear MoonPluto column as well. Only did a few of those.

I welcome your thoughts. As long as they are… nice. Y’all know I’m a Cancer but what you probably don’t know is that my Progressed Ascendent is in Libra. And my Progressed Venus is in Libra ON my Ascendent.

:::bats eyelashes:::


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