Saturn Pluto And The Search For Stink

This topic, tangent, came up in chat room A:

people with the Saturn Pluto square. And then I started to think about clients I’m talking to who are having the conjunction by transit. Saturn conjunct Pluto. Ugh. I remember when Saturn was in Libra. Damn that was hard for the Pluto in Libra people. Couldn’t hide behind nice ANYMORE. Life was not nice and not going to get any nicer until they Saturned up.

I wrote this in the room:

“… like people having Saturn on their Pluto now. They know something is STINKING. But they don’t know: is it THEM? Is it me? Something is stinking: what is it? Where is it?”

I often talk about the days of Saturn in Virgo, conjunct my Moon and Pluto (with transiting Uranus opposing) because it was such a devastating time for me and on Facebook yesterday, after a particularly potent revelation about FEAR, I posted that nothing, *almost* nothing could scare me except a repeat of Saturn in Virgo. Devastation, desolation. How did I survive? With more than a little help from friends.

In either case, if you are under the Saturn Pluto gun, by transit or in your natal, you have to master (ha) two energies. The surrender of Pluto and the stop and start of Saturn. This morning I’m heading back into the Jupiter Saturn classroom to talk about Saturn and the very first thing I’m going to do is talk about the mountain goat image. I’ve been rereading brilliant Howard Sasportas again. We can’t rush change. We can’t rush consciousness. The mountain goal (he says) doesn’t move forward until stability is found. Got it? The goat stops. Takes a break. Makes sure the foundation is solid AND THEN, only then, climbs higher. That is Saturn. That is Capricorn. That is NATURE fairly often. Slow.

And Pluto is the ugly seemingly psychologically dangerous underbelly you would prefer to LEAP (Jupiter) out of. The stuff you fear that….if you integrated into yourself, that you would die. You won’t die. What you do is become whole. But those with the natal aspect are constantly in the process. I don’t blame them for ducking or leaping. The truth will set you free though, no matter how painful. That’s what I believe anyway…

Are you transiting? 😉

Love, MP


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