Saturn Opposition Saturn: The End

Phrases that come to mind when I think about this transit: lack of confidence. Ego crusher. Broken bones. Followed by RESETTING BONES (Do you hear me Miss X? I’m keeping her incognito. She knows who she is).

Even if someone tells you GOOD JOB, you know it’s a lie. This is what the Saturn opposition can feel like. You fall down and you get run over. Insult to injury. Injury to injury.

HOWEVER, if you are having a Saturn transit, it is guaranteed that you ARE working hard and doing more than your share, and you will “grow up and out of this.” Beautiful.

Saturn transits always remind me of the Four of Cups, the energy of refusal. I have Mars transiting my 1st House though so I’ve got a little fire here despite the taste of ashes in the mouth.

I can’t end this post without some “advice.”  I wrote this on Facebook today, about today’s transits:

“Raging sky: 

Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. Any face you slap will slap you back. 

Moon will enter Capricorn so you have a Moon Pluto conjunction to look forward to and square Uranus. Jupiter goes RETROGRADE.

Try not to think of this as the light going out, no matter how it feels to you–

Feel what you feel. Drop the storyline, as Pema Chodron would say. You don’t have to justify any of it to anyone. Their logic twirls may not get the nuances anyway. 

How you find the “up” side here is naturally, organically. You’ll come out the other side after much face-making and as always, it will (can) surprise you — if you let it. How strong you’ve become. How brave and strong. 

Saturn is a burden yes, ego crushing, a stick beating your back HARD. Don’t collapse under the weight. Take the stick and BREAK IT IN TWO.”

Then I spoke to a friend. Finishing her Saturn opposition. Kindred.

I will write my way through this transit. I remember saying this when Saturn first entered my 3rd House. I will teach my way through this. The people who are meant to hear me, will hear me. Everyone else can change the channel. It will be interesting 🙂

Love, MP

P.S. If you are under Saturn, check the condition/sign/house of your natal Saturn. It’s all there…


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