Saturn + North Node = “Do I Have To???”

"north node in Leo"
Keith Richards has North Node in Leo and a Virgo Moon

A reader mentioned that Saturn is conjunct her North Node and I remembered that I’ve seen this recently in other charts. So what happens when Saturn is standing in front of or beside or behind the direction you need to take? I think it makes it harder. But the reward is greater. The cookie is bigger 🙂 Nice yummy Saturn cookie 😉

Saturn North Node can be scary to face. You don’t wanna go there. BUT you need to be the authority is some THING, somehow, but where? In what? Dare you approach it? You need to be the Authority of Your Life!

If you’ve got some Capricorn in your chart, maybe it’s a wee bit easier, especially if that Cap takes good aspects, but what if you are heavily Cancerian and Saturn lurks whichever way you turn?! I shiver just to imagine it.

My North Node isn’t heavily aspected. Well, I’ve got an inconjunct to Uranus (should I be less rebellious?). It’s conjunct my 7th House cusp (marriage). And I’ve got a sextile to..what’s-her-face… Juno! THE WIFE. So it’ll be some work (sextile) but good work for me to head towards wifely-ness. And Juno resides in my 8th in Taurus. It will bring me stability. And the sex will be awesome!

And you? Got some interesting planets hanging out with your North Node?

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