Saturn Neptune Opposition In The Natal (Part 2)

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A gal on Twitter asked me whether I found my natal Saturn-Neptune Opposition challenging, or did I feel that it was well-integrated in my life/chart. Interesting question!

Truth is, even though I wrote a recent blog post about it, I don’t think about it thaaaat much. Certainly not as much as I think about my Moon and Pluto conjunction or my Venus in the 12th House.

Maybe because it’s two outers (the reason I don’t think about it much). Folks around my age will have this opposition too, even though Saturn moves way way faster than Neptune of course. I should say, as well, that the orb is wide but I claim it and I think every astrologer I’ve ever spoken to claimed it, for me, as well.

Both Saturn and Neptune make soft and hard aspects to my personal planets. I’ve always involved myself more with those, found the story of my life in those, and yet… I do think Saturn Neptune together is important, just trying to explain why it’s gotten less attention from me.

I’ve definitely seen it play out in the love-department as I’ve lost myself in fantasy land and felt the smack of Saturn when waking up from the dream.

I think oppositions though are about finding balance every day, not about achieving it. An aspect of always trying. Trying to see the other person, trying to see the other side. The see-saw, up and down, back and forth, me vs you.Or maybe that’s my Saturn talking 😉 Finding the work to be done.

So in terms of integration? I don’t know. I know I’m aware of my tendency. And I also know… that I plan to think about this more, and blog about it more, when I have more to add 🙂

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