Saturn, Mars, And Women Who Like Cops

"women who love cops"
lovely al pacino as undercover cop Serpico, based on a true story

I was tweeting today on this topic. What was it in a chart that made a woman (or man) be attracted to cops (or military men, etc…)

And was it a Saturn thing? Or a Mars thing (as others suggested)?

I think it’s probably a bit of both but to me it’s more about Authority (Saturn) than Aggression (Mars).

Protection too – which can be associated with either/both! And then there’s Pluto and no doubt Pluto Power ties in here somewhere as well.

Another thought: Saturn is cold. Mars is hot. Saturn is structure and steady, and Mars is fast and overrides structure when it wants. When you see a cop (and I frequently do, on subways or on the city streets) what do you see/feel? Saturn or Mars?

Yup. I feel *both*.

In synastry, you don’t really want someone’s Saturn bearing down on your Mars, blocking you, restricting you. Or… maybe you do 😉

It all depends!

I’ve just scratched the surface here so please share your thoughts!

And Happy New Year to all the Men in Blue reading this, I know you’re out there!


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