Saturn In The 9th House Trine Moon Pluto In Virgo: The Teacher

I like to go deep into topics and charts.

And I need room to roam in a topic, come and go. Yesterday, in the Venus and Mars class, talking about some individual charts and then more in general was the first time I felt OKAY. That people had gotten their money’s worth. Even though I’d spent hours in there. Even though I’d immersed myself in Venus and Mars, re-reading, quoting, absorbing, learning new things. It wasn’t until yesterday, a crazy day, and I wasn’t feeling well, that in the late afternoon, early evening, I felt better and found what I was looking for.

And it’s not that I was consciously looking for it. I just knew I wasn’t done. That the two weeks could end and I wasn’t satisfied. I can’t phone it in but it’s also not exactly about time spent AND YET it IS the time spent that creates the room to roam, spending time literally in the room, answering questions, just sorta noodling around in there, whether I have my astro hat on every minute or not.

That’s how I work. PROCESS. That’s my Moon and Pluto conjunct Virgo. That’s what a class with me is like. People sometimes tell me that I work too hard but now I realize it’s because there’s a mysterious process going on under the surface. It’s not because I’m a workaholic or a masochist. It’s because I’m a Pluto person and I’m going to feel what I do intensely and dig for answers without even knowing the questions. I’m not going to look away.

Reminds me of Wallace Stevens’ long poems. They have elbow room. I need elbow room to find what I need to find. Meaning. If I can’t bring people something meaningful, then I feel I’ve wasted their time. And elbow room comes from time, from the time spent, unhurried, just being there.

Still have a few more charts to explore and a couple I want to return to this weekend and we’ll wrap things up in there. I hope the folks in the class got inspired about Venus and Mars and are now happier people 🙂

I’m not sure if the Goddess Asteroid class will happen. There were people interested but folks have not 100 percent permitted so I have half a mind to hold off until perhaps the fall. Matthew and I are also planning another long course so… we’ll see.

However, I would do the Goddess class with small numbers SO if you are committed to it, an absolute YES then please let me know by… Saturday, okay? 

Love, MP


New class in August on the GODDESS ASTEROIDS look here. We will be learning and discovering together. Great for beginners! No knowledge of astrology is needed, just passion!

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