Saturn In Scorpio Will Help You With Your Venus Problem

"saturn in scorpio"

Many interesting comments to my Saturn in Scorpio posts and I’m not fully awake yet 🙂 so I’ll have to tend to the comments later today when my head is back on.

Was up in the middle of the night with a blog idea and decided to go back to sleep instead of get up but this is what I remember about it now and the topic was not about Saturn in Scorpio but more about Venus and Venus in Gemini confusion and falling for invisible men (or women) i.e. people who can’t deliver to your life.

Suddenly the image of a milkman came to mind, delivering milk i.e. sustenance, nurturance, comfort, health.

And that if a person CAN’T truly be in relationship with you — because they are too broken or already taken, for example, then… that milk is sour and will make you sick.

(Yes I too am wondering for how long I will extend this metaphor.)

But you know what? This is Saturn in Scorpio (intimacy/sex) too. Not just Saturn in Libra (relationships). Because Scorpio/8th House are the deepest places we go with others. “How we get our needs met” which began in childhood but doesn’t stop.

And I was up in the middle of the night, not trying to find answers but thinking about how I do this: fall for a broken milk bottle 😉

And a question came to me: who is it that you hope will show up? Who is it that you hope will get well? 

Saturn in Scorpio: spooky-good psychoanalysis.

You *can* learn the lesson if you do the work of learning it and living it. But not just that… you’ll finally realize what the problem is because you’ve been solving in the wrong direction.

Saturn in Scorpio can be real healing.

Your thoughts? 

Love, MP

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