Saturn In Scorpio: The End Of Taboo

Saturn in Scorpio. It’s about rape, isn’t it?

This blog is not a current events astrology blog but more philosophical, metaphysical. And yet the mind boggling and it seems unending announcements of brutality in the news, that which is unspeakable… needs to be spoken even though there are no words. With Saturn in Scorpio there are no more taboos i.e. anything, especially the traumatic and the horrifying, can and will happen.

Can you read the news without shaking your head? Without crying?  Or you can’t cry because the news is so shocking. Woman as a thing to be humiliated, brutalized, discarded. I know this is not a new story. I know we don’t hear all the stories. Far from it. But some stories leave you bereft, stay with you for days on end.

I don’t do astro analysis of world events and I don’t do astro analysis of tragedy. That’s someone else’s job. We all have our place.  I can’t be that objective. I can’t pull back and assign a star position to a rape, to torture, to murder.

What I can do though is recognize the insidious, overwhelming, repulsive, unfathomable horror of Saturn in Scorpio. The worst of who we are.

Of course not everyone who has natal Saturn in Scorpio or a natal Saturn in the 8th House or Pluto in the 8th House for that matter will grow up with or experience sexual abuse or incest or kidnapping (all Pluto ruled) , but these natives ARE intimately acquainted with the darker side of life, I promise you that.

Whatever your Saturn in Scorpio story is, whatever your taboo story is, I wish you complete peace of mind. I wish you a body that is safe and protected.

Rape is not a rite of passage. May Saturn in Scorpio bring us not the end of taboo, but the end of rape.

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