Saturn In Scorpio: Emotional Orgasm

"saturn in scorpio"Apologies to my subscribers! This morning by accident I published a blog post that wasn’t done yet. Here is the finished version.


What happens is the orgasm is a trigger for every other emotion in me that is kept, is stored, in my body, linked as though to a chain, an emotional chain reaction, and the orgasmic physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual response, tugged, releases a… Well, there’s just no way to predict what it will release, memories, grief, relief, contentment, loss, death, potential for joy, and I think Saturn in Scorpio enhances this.

We, all of us, are ready (are we?) to work on our stuff. Or that it’s coming up, whether we choose to work on it or not. My recommendation IS, yes, to work on it ๐Ÿ™‚

Why? Because it’s time to go deep. Scorpio goes deep, profound, penetrating, extreme, intense, and often overwhelming and Saturn is there to help us structure it but first comes the bloodletting. Because it’s time to cure what has not yet been cured and orgasm (ruled by Scorpio) is one way there, although there are other ways.

The Saturn part of this equation is the work part. Saturn rules our work, what we must do, in this lifetime. And with Saturn in Scorpio, how getting to the root of unresolved losses (Scorpio) will take persistent effort, maturity and wisdom and patience and will be slow. Slow sex. Slow revelation.

Don’t be afraid to take your time. In fact, you have to take your time with this process and this is what trips me up. I want the healing NOW. Hard to relax in the middle.

And not that the orgasm is the cure but the orgasm points the way, shows you what you need to work on — so pay attention to what arises.

Yes, my friends, try this one at home ๐Ÿ˜‰



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