Saturn In Scorpio: Don’t Skip Steps

I feel like Sarah from the Old Testament although I may not have a child in my old age like she did. But I found love in my old age.

So I was starting this post and one of the cats starting fighting with another cat and I just finished exercising and the door was closed and– poor things. The attacked one couldn’t escape. I  found myself screaming CLEO STOP.

Have to regain my train of thought now.

So I feel like Sarah. For having found, gained something in my old age. Was feeling this after exercise. Took off my exercise clothes to do my cool-down and thinking about aging, the changing of the body (once again).

And how love is easy compared to this Scorpio stuff (and love was/is difficult too). Yes, this Scorpio stuff. The body. The sharing of it. The 8th House follows the 7th House. Penetration (8th House) comes after the marriage vow (7th House).

From my Facebook:

I LIKE Saturn in Scorpio.

You know why?

Because I WANT to be exposed. (And I only realize this after I get a clue.)

This exposure has a purpose.

See, all those blames you do.

All those blames. It’s HIS fault. It’s HER fault. It’s their fault, your fault.

Yes, even the self blame.

All the blame is HIDING so much more, so much rich material for you to sift through if only you would stop blaming.

Stop blaming and you’ll see. Start exploring and you’ll see. The thing you thought you couldn’t have. It’s been in front of you all along. But you were in the way.

Not that I’m blaming you (or me) for that. It’s a process we all have to go through. Strip bare.

Moral of the story:  your fear makes you want to skip steps. Don’t skip steps. Because what needs to happen, to break through this tundra is…. it’s bigger and better than all the fantasy and all the avoidance and all the stories. It is your life.

Love, MP

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