Saturn In Scorpio: Don’t Drown

"saturn in scorpio"Saturn is a monster. I know that’s not all very new age and comforting and the mountain goat up the mountain, but that’s my image for today.

That Saturn is a monster in chains and she’s rattling her chains and it’s like that post I put up the other day, comparing the zombies in The Walking Dead to Saturnian fears. They are coming for you. Wherever Saturn is holding in your chart now. And you will experience it and it will threaten to submerge you until you get some solid ground there. What is the solid ground? The solid ground is Saturn sextiling Pluto in CAPRICORN. The solid ground is other people. People you can trust. Not the undead.

With Saturn in Libra, we could detatch. We could make nice. We could lose weight and put on lipstick and pretend we were new and/or different. Saturn in Scorpio, conversely, is a cry from the abyss and reminds us that we still have crap to sort through and some of those crap mountains are pretty high and stank.

“Don’t panic” a friend of mine said today and she’s right. I think we’re all going to have to slow down. Saturn in Scorpio is like swimming with ankle weights.

I don’t want to end on too depressing a note. I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone if Saturn in the early degrees of Scorpio is dragging you down. And sometimes that’s the most, and even the best, that we can have: that others are here, with you.



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