Saturn In Scorpio: Blindspotting

"saturn in scorpio"

Scorpio (Pluto) is the taboo, the forbidden, what you don’t want to acknowledge, your “dark” side, your desires, what happened to you, how you hurt others, how you’ve given up your power every now and then, and then blamed others. Blindspotting.

Saturn in Scorpio says learn from and about what you fear, especially in your intimacy. Go deeper. Wisdom time, Saturn
is maturity.

This transit says look at me . Your private world, your secrets, the stuff that you keep on the inside needs to be belched up like body parts from the belly of the beast, and then examined and inspected and organized and transformed.

Hey, not so bad, right? 😉

But if the fear is forboding and forbidden, then what?  How to do this holy healing work? And that is what it is. This self-surgery of your psychic-self.

I think it depends on you, your chart. Saturn in Scorpio is a 3rd House transit for me, Gemini’s house. I plan to write the truth.

You know, today someone accused me of being uptight. Not responding appropriately (according to his point of view) to certain jokes and… stuff.

You think I’m serious now? You don’t even fucking KNOW. Saturn through the 3rd, my friends. The house of the mind, the daily-life mind, with serious Saturn, Lord of Karma as special guest.

On the other hand, people may be afraid (Saturn) to be serious during this transit, but I think that would be a mistake and mightily delusional. I asked my friend today: don’t you THINK about your life? He pretty much said the equivalent of Nah….

This transit is where your TRUTH is. The only truth you know. The truth you’re afraid to tell. The truth you could tell. And not to be afraid. The deeper you go, well, the deeper you go. To me it’s its own reward.

How do you feel about Saturn in Scorpio? 



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