Saturn In Scorpio And Internet Romancing

"saturn in scorpio"I do know plenty of happy couples who met on line and then met in real life and so far have lived happily ever after (or not!). It does happen.

And I also know folks (this post is NOT inspired by anyone in particular by the way) who have fallen in love on-line and never met or who were deceived in one way or another. And other variations too.

So this is a blog post of caution:

IF you do desire a real life, real time, real world relationship? And not all of us do… Then LIMIT (Saturn) how deep (Scorpio) you get with others on-line. What’s that phrase? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Your intimacy has value. Talking to someone, writing to someone, is intimate. It costs you.

And some folks will be SATISFIED with the virtual while you are writhing in desire and longing. The key is in knowing what YOU want and living that.

And I know this post isn’t for everyone. But it IS for me, actually. And I lost a relationship last year because I could not be patient enough with the on-line intimacy bullshit and hell I can do it, I’ve been doing it since I’ve been on-line. My words carry, my words are deep, I can make you feel loved with a sentence and my intent but an earth chart like mine needs THE BODY.

I wrote on my Tarot post from this morning: Love is worth fighting for. Love is worth crossing state lines or oceans for. If you can’t slay THAT dragon for me? Your fear of closing the distance between us? Then it’s 8 of Cups time, my friend. 8 of Cups.

It takes so much courage to be yourself in front of another human, no mask at all, a naked soul, pure person. I think it’s worth it.

What’s your experience with Internet dating? Does it show in your chart? Too much NEPTUNE? 


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