What Will Saturn In Scorpio Be About For You?

"saturn in scorpio"

Wednesday morning in the Big City and I was just tweeting that I’m not ready to open the blinds yet.

I can hear the birds outside and still waking up 🙂

And I woke up this morning thinking about Saturn in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio–

If Saturn represents boundaries and also our fears, where we feel limited, but also where we need to “work,” and be disciplined and concrete, practical, about our lives… what will Saturn in Scorpio mean for you?

Libra is Venus ruled: relationships, other people, making nice.

Scorpio is Mars and Pluto ruled. Venus wants to be polite. Mars doesn’t really care. And Pluto? Pluto gets to the heart of the matter. Fuck manners, says Pluto. I have some truth to share about your life.

Saturn in Scorpio will reveal some people running from the truth of their life and some people walking into the eye of the storm. It will depend on who you are already, what you are built for, how far you’ve come.

Secrets will be revealed.

If Saturn in Libra was working on your relationship, setting boundaries around it, defining it, figuring it out then Saturn in Scorpio is about what happens after dark in that same relationship, when you get closer, too close for your own comfort. DEFINE THAT. Can you imagine working on your taboos? Do you run or do you stay?

What kind of sex do you want? How do you get your needs met, sexual and otherwise? How afraid of death are you? Who do you let into your life or do you have a “No Entry” sign across your heart like the 2 of Swords?

Saturn in Scorpio may also delay how close you can get, and you will work hard, only to be met by someone else’s manipulation, limitation, and fear of the waters you swim in every day.

But that’s okay. Find your level. That’s the wisdom here. Saturn in Scorpio may show you that the crowd you run with… well… you’ve outgrown them or perhaps Saturn in Libra has shown you this but Saturn in Scorpio brings THE CUT.

Remember that Saturn rules your teeth and bones, your physical foundation, what holds you up and you want it STRONG and I promise you Saturn in Scorpio will make it stronger than ever before. You will have no choice.

Imagine this: Saturn has just entered Scorpio and is already sextiling Pluto in Capricorn. Meditate on that one for a bit. Saturn structures and Pluto… de/restructures/rebirths. The two of these in friendly formation are truly “applying what you’ve learned” to say the least. Then you just have to figure out where to focus it. Check your chart, my friends.


Love, MP

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