Saturn in Sagittarius: True Stories

"saturn in sagittarius"A few thoughts on Saturn in Sagittarius:

that the stories we tell ourselves — about our lives — are so important.

We create the next part of lives this way – through the stories we tell.

And we can always tell a new one. We can write a new chapter. We can collaborate. We can hear the stories of others or be influenced (I mean this in a good way) and thus… change.

In the Saturn in Sag class I brought a homework exercise inspired by Caroline Casey who talks about the word AUTHOR in the word AUTHORITY (Saturn).

Saturn in Sagittarius is about True Stories. But more than that —

it’s about being careful/cautious about what we tell, not just to others but to ourselves.

Neither Saturn nor Sag are really associated with “healing” — not in the way I think of it and yet… we need healing from the stories we tell ourselves.

Saturn in Sagittarius can give us a glimpse of the high road of the higher mind. Perspective. Looking at things in new ways. Allowing room for new perspectives.

Today I was thinking about a bad thing that happened. It kept showing up in my head. This bad thing. This bad thing. This bad thing. Happened happened happened. Story story story. And I started to fall down the well. And then I was in the well, not just falling down it.

I think best case scenario is to acknowledge the truth of our lives, the hard truth, but not commit to the endless retelling in the same old ways.

Let us break out of our storytelling ruts. Add new characters and settings and heroines.

Recently someone hurt me and I said to them: make an offering to me, to my spirit. Because you hurt my spirit. (And I was thinking, otherwise there will be a spiritual debt. And then I also thought — how often does that happen when you can potentially heal a hurt here and now.)

This thinking got me out of my story. Instead of staying stuck, I moved towards healing.

Not every day is filled with poetry and revelation. We have bad moods. We get lost. We feel crummy.

The trick is to get ourselves out of sick-story-mind and start telling the stories of heart and healing – for ourselves.

Forgiveness is not the paradigm here. It’s something else entirely.