Saturn in Sagittarius: The Time Travel Transit. You Will Bend.

"full moon in gemini" I was feeling expansive and that I wanted to write something expansive.

Famous Jupiter keyword: Jupiter “expands” what it touches. Jupiter makes things grow. Jupiter is the true Gardener of the Zodiac. Grower of Dreams. Grower of Hope. We need this. We need Jupiter to see what we cannot see with the naked eye… 

We are in Jupiter Season, Sagittarius Season, and the music I am listening to right now is making me feel this way. We were talking about this in one of the chat rooms the other day: those of us who are crazy sensitive to music. Puts us in trance-like states. Maybe it’s quite common. It’s a Neptune thing. I am one of those people (or used to be) who could hear a song and not stop myself from falling into it. Which isn’t always a good thing.

So I am feeling expansive and I do promise to blog more here in the new year – Saturn leaves my 3rd House — as well as continue the Private Blog, which you are welcome to Subscribe to… and I know it’s only occasionally lately that I’ve been checking in here. Expansion + Time Management: IS THIS NOT A SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS STORY? This is a time travel transit this is a time travel transit this will be a time travel transit. 

I’m back to making videos. I’ll embed a new one at the end of this post. Still writing for Beliefnet. Learning all kinds of things I plan to incorporate in my practice in the New Year, along with a new look for my site and hope for my life.

Saturn in Sagittarius doesn’t have to curtail your hope. What it can do is SUPPORT your hope. Saturn the Father. Fathering you. The father you need/needed is here. 

We’re not under the same transits. I don’t know how you’re feeling. But I know my Saturn square Venus transit is done and my Saturn on Neptune transit is starting and Sagittarius Season is GOOD, is hopeful, it makes me want to put sweet filling in everything. A little cherry here. A little coconut there.

"saturn in sagittarius"Tomorrow. Tomorrow is an amazing day and we’re under this energy now so… listen. We’ve got FIRE TRINES. Venus trine Jupiter and Sun trine Uranus.

Uranus and Jupiter are too wide for it to be a true Grand Trine, right? I don’t know 😉 Maybe we’re feeling expansive enough to connect the dots and allow it. Mars enters Aquarius in the evening. The Full Moon in Gemini is Saturday. Fire and Air. Fly.

But back to the Fire Trines. These remind me of… a party going on and YOU ARE INVITED but you’re moping instead of flying. Moping instead of flying. Why aren’t you flying?

As I type this… I see the image of a triangle in my mind’s eye, doused in the flames of spiritual exaltation. This is your soul going higher and higher this month, not leaving your body but giving it strength, toughness, courage, and the gift of the Seer!

Saturn enters Sagittarius on Christmas Eve, right? Another image that came to mind: metalwork or the metalsmith. Taking fire (Sagittarius) to something which… DOES NOT WANT TO MOVE OR CHANGE i.e. Saturn!



Love you all xx