Saturn in Sagittarius: Rest Stop

"saturn in sagittarius" Today I shall go searching for meaning. And perhaps tomorrow as well?

And the day after and the day after and the day after.

Does the Search itself help? Does the Search itself help soothe the desire that causes one to search?

Saturn is in Sagittarius now. Every astrology lover knows this 🙂 but what else do you know? Sagittarius wants to know!

With Saturn (limitation) in Sagittarius (expansion) I think we have to make the search, in a sense, small. Smaller. To do Saturn in Sagittarius right.

That’s one way to look at it.
We can’t be wild and unbounded about it.
Saturn puts a limit. But Saturn supports the search nonetheless. But do it within reason says Saturn – which is funny because Sagittarius is not a “reasonable” sign. They pride themselves on their analysis, intellectuality, “logic” — but we all know Jupiter and his excess — whether that excess is towards piety or its opposite.

Guidelines:  you don’t have to be in any particular “mood” – other than the desire to search. In fact, I would tell you, if you wait for the right mood, you may miss an opportunity. Sagittarius is not a personal sign. That’s Cancer 🙂 Don’t make the search personal — in the sense of needing something specific from it other than the Search, other than the Search for the Meaning, other than hoping you’ll find. Just begin. No map needed. What is required is the journey. Don’t wait for the mood.

I do suggest some structure, rules, to the game. Methods. Maybe regular walking routine. Or meditation. Or both. Different kinds of travel. Maybe journaling, writing, free-writing. And you don’t have to do it alone. You could begin a Saturn in Sag support group and search for meaning with others, sharing your results, everyone promising to be honest and yet nonjudgemental (higher vibrations of Sagittarius).

Maybe that’s what I’ll let the Saturn in Sag class become — after we finish the “work” — a place to check in as we Search. Like a rest stop along the highway.

Love, MP

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