Saturn in Sagittarius: Flying Lessons

"saturn in sagittarius" From my Facebook: 

Thinking about Saturn in Sagittarius. So what else is new.

Today I call this transit “Flying Lessons.”

I call it something different every day.

See, some of us do alright in captivity. Maybe not thrive but we do more than survive. We build. A little more a little more a little more a little more until we got something.

But imagine this:  freedom.

How much more you’d have and be and do — of whatever you wanted to. And yes you know I’m talking about myself too.

And those on here who know me pretty well know EXACTLY where I’m captive and where I’m not and when the time comes — watch out world.

Like a comet. Did you know that if a comet is traveling fast enough, it may leave the solar system altogether?

Tell me what you think about that. I’m all ears. That you have a plan, even the tiniest flame of one, the smallest flame who ever lived! That’s all you need. For now. Saturn gets to 4 degrees Sagittarius this year and retrogrades back to Scorpio. You have time. But promise me. Promise me. Promise me YOU WILL NOT FAIL. And I’ll do the same.

Happy Full Moon in Cancer, y’all 


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