Saturn in Sagittarius and the Search for Meaning

"saturn in sagittarius" Saturn enters Sagittarius on December 23rd!! 

Saturn is form. Saturn is structure. Saturn WORKS.
Sagittarius on a bad day is oblivious, leaving the work to others.

I’m saying “on a bad day” so that you know that I know that Sag has FINE FINE qualities but also has a low vibration, like ALL the signs.

And that Saturn can and will support the higher vibrations of Sagittarius. For example, personal growth!

Think of the Wands in the Tarot: everything that fire is. Burning bright. Flame climbing higher. Idea-rich and inspired and inspiring and COMMITTED TO THE VISION, the vision quest, the journey. Your soul as flame.

We don’t have to lose form with Saturn in Sagittarius, but it gets a new spin. I think with Saturn in Scorpio a lot of the time we were struggling. We didn’t know what to do. We were drowning in the muddled murky waters.

Does Saturn in Sag mean that all our structures go up in flames? Not necessarily. But if they do, it’s only to create new ones. Needed ones.

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Saturn in Sagittarius. What part of your life goes up in (needed) flames? And when do we get our bearings? Do we get our bearings when Saturn transits zero through four degree of Sag in 2015? Or during the retrograde into Scorpio?
How long between destruction and a new creation?

And what about Saturn square Neptune? Hmmmmm yes what about this transit. It deserves its own post or two or three or four. This transit gets close to exact, but no cigar in 2015. Will we feel it anyway? I think so!

Saturn is the faster moving body here, influencing spooky Neptune. Remember that squares go on INSIDE us. We wrestle with the diverging converging energies. Saturn is form, Saturn HARDENS what it touches, and Neptune is formless, vast crazy water. And squares DO NOT BRING PEACE. Squares force us to work and then alternate with time periods of falling apart because we get worn out. I’m thinking of the Wands again — the Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten. We go from energy and courage to… barely making it home.

Your most philosophical transit. There will be books and jokes and stories and monologues and travelogues and treatises and manifestos and I am pretty philosophical myself so I am looking forward to all the writing and the telling and the sharing and the endless conversations.

What is that you say? Saturn in Sagittarius could make us quiet? Sagittarius talks and Saturn can limit BUT let’s play it by ear. You’ll figure out what it means for you. That’s another Saturn in Sagittarius topic, the Search for Meaning 🙂 which we’ll discuss the next time we meet xx


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