Saturn in Sagittarius: Advice for the Broken Archer and Her Friends

"saturn in sagittarius" I’d be lying if I said it was going to be easy, that any of this will be easy —
Saturn entering Sagittarius is not going to be easy for Sag Sun, Moon, Rising. It’s not.

Jupiter in Virgo WILL help. Will remind you of who you used to be (I approve of the square) —

but I do not believe Saturn in your sign is an easy time.

I remember Saturn in Cancer (my Sun). I remember Saturn on my Moon Pluto in Virgo and in my 1st House. I’m coming up on the square. Saturn in my 4th square my 1st.

Sometimes I think (I would think) all I do is lose. What do I have left to lose? When you have nothing to lose, you have everything. Stupid platitude? Maybe. But true story. (I write these words and make sure God knows that I have PLENTY left to lose so please God don’t mistake my rhetoric for a dare.)

But I want to tell you again what I said the other day — about the crossroads. That the crossroads are where anything can happen. So what do you choose? The more consciousness, the more reality, the more possibility. This is very Saturn in Sag thinking. Saturn = reality. Sagittarius = possibility, the PROMISE. Combine the real with the ideal.

Will I be too broken by then? A client asked me.

She’s Gemini Rising, Saturn will transit her 7th House. Funny how Saturn can be a a limit, an end, a death, and/or a commitment. She’ll have to decide. What to do what to do. Who to care about. What to do.

Dear Gemini Rising:

making a decision means you cut off all the other options. And yes it feels like a death. To some extent I think you can decide not to be too broken by it, but if you’re doing this life thing right, you shouldn’t be the same person at the end of the process. Straight from the heart. That’s what true transformation is, the kind I find myself not wishing on anyone and yet necessary if you want to not be an asshole forever (not saying you are one, but you know what I mean.) Truly awake.

I’m not sure what to do said a gal in the chat room just now.

She’s also a Gemini Rising (although not the one I was talking to in this blog post). I told her to stay there until she knows. Like a dog, right? Stay. I don’t mean that in an insulting way but in the perfect way that good dogs stay.

How do you feel about Saturn in Sag? 


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