Saturn In Pisces: The Addict

"full moon in cancer 2012"
saturn in pisces

I keep running into these folks, keep talking to them — Saturn in Pisces.

And one can be addicted to *anything* — food, drink, drugs, drama, sex, romance, reading, feeling good, hope.

Here’s a riddle for ya: Saturn in Pisces has a fear of faith, a fear that everything really will be okay — so they dull their senses, their feelings, their reality (Saturn) by their drug of choice.

And it never works, does it? Well, it works temporarily but then you need more. And then when that one runs out? When the good new shiny feeling runs out? You’re empty. But not really. The Empty is an illusion. Empty bottle, empty box of cookies, empty bed. This emptiness isn’t real. Fill up the emptiness with your Saturn i.e. Reality.

Accepting reality is not the same as judging it good. 

The challenge for the Saturn in Pisces person is to let the stream stream and not block its flow by drowning in it. Get what I’m saying? A dead body in the water is going to get in the way — and Saturn in Pisces people play dead routinely i.e. they ESCAPE.

By the way, I put this Tarot card here because I think this is how Saturn in Pisces tends to feel.

Where’s your Saturn? 


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