Saturn In Libra Taught Me…

"saturn in scorpio"

One more square to my Mars in Cancer and I know I won’t really understand this transit until it’s done. The limits seem natural and built-in now, even though they’re not.

I was looking out the window, hearing the choir of birds and watching the leaves on the trees,Β and thinking: Saturn in Libra taught me relationships.

And it will only get more interesting once Saturn leaves Libra for Scorpio.

Saturn in Scorpio will create relationships that will be impossible to pull apart, for better or worse.

But regarding what Saturn in Libra taught me:

Relationships came in. Relationships went out. Relationships came back. Relationships changed. Sometimes I sit on my futon πŸ™‚ in wonder. Which reminds me of a line from aΒ Rilke poem so let’s Google it right now so I can quote it for you…

from Rilke’s The Vast Night

“Often I gazed at you in wonder: stood at the window begun/the day before, stood and gazed at you in wonder…”

That’s how I feel about my life right now. That’s how I feel about Saturn in Libra. I don’t understand everything that’s happened and why. But I marvel at it. Like a shiny new penny in the palm. Or a diamond.

Confusion feels too negative a word to describe it. Mystery is a better choice. Riddle. And in the face of mystery, in the face of God or the High Priestess, we… gaze in wonder because we can’t make sense of it all. Life refuses to reply πŸ˜‰

What did Saturn in Libra teach you?

Love, MP

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