Saturn! Discipline! Ouch?

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What is discipline? If it’s easy to do, does it take discipline?

Today’s example: I entered Lo-Carb-Land a few months ago and I don’t find it all that hard. And I’m strict.

I miss bagels and how easy it is to grab a bowl of cereal. I miss eating HUGE bowls of cereal. These days I have to cook more. I eat more fresh food. I eat killed food i.e. at heart I’m a vegetarian but I can’t be a vegetarian on this diet and… exist. Now, that’s one point I don’t want to debate, but thought I’d mention it anyway.

My body is happier now. I look better due to weight loss. My blood-sugar, which went up and down due to carbohydrates is now more stable which has stabilized my moods considerably. And I had a cup of matza ball soup the other day and it puffed me up sooo much! I thought: I could NEVER go back to this.

On the phone with my gal pal, Susan: Omg omg omg I had a matza ball and omg there were TWO matza balls and I couldn’t eat both omg omg omg that shit is POISON I don’t care if I’m Judah HaFucking Macabee that shit is POISON I shrieked into the phone.

So am I disciplined because in many months I’ve cheated only… four times maybe, and usually under PMS duress. See, this isn’t a diet to me. It really is a lifestyle change, goofy as that sounds.

Is there pleasure in restriction? Like I wrote above, I miss being able to eat a bagel although if I ate a bagel, it would make my belly swell uncomfortably and the sugar from the wheat would spike me up and then push me down.

Saturn in our chart is where we can find our discipline, some clues into how we work it. Although I have Venus square Saturn, I also have Saturn sextiles and trines to personal planets, including Mars.

Mars sextile Saturn: the drive and the commitment to the goal are married.

And you? Are you disciplined? How’s your Saturn? 

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