Saturn Direct For Moon Pluto People (And Other Sensitives)

Yeah I do think Saturn going direct is a big deal.

What was painfully held up moves forward again (with occasional sharp shooting pains) although possibly you’ve been feeling this for days now as Saturn slowed and stopped.

I feel this in every way. NOW we can decide. Now we can solve it. Now we can feel less twisty and turny and trampled on. Now we can live. EVEN THOUGH Saturn is not a bright and shiny energy, Saturn retrograde loses structure. Amoeba!

But I want to talk about another Saturn topic now. Okay, a Saturn Pluto topic. Shame.

And the sexual insatiability of the Moon Pluto person.

Moon Pluto people tend to feel ashamed of their needs. The Moon rules emotional need and Pluto rules sex and these two when fused by conjunction (or other interesting aspect) create a situation where… having sex = getting fed. Having sex = not just pleasure (that’s at the bottom of the list), but nurturing, sustenance, emotional intensity (something Moon Pluto people create and need) and deliverance.

You know that feeling? THAT feeling. You’re on your back (or not) and you are entered (or doing the entering) and filled (or filling) and like I was saying above… it’s not really about pleasure although pleasure may be there too. And it’s not about the little death. And it’s not about anything but…

I’ll get back to you when I find the words. I still can’t describe it despite the poems and the plays and the experiences and the desire and the effort of trying to explain Pluto. Pluto rules penetration.

From the dictionary on my desktop: “the action or process of making a way through or into something: the plant grows in clear, still waters where there is strong sunlight penetration.”


On a bad day though… Moon Pluto is a bottomless pit. The flip side of the deep dark well which comforts me (which I often feel from Moon in Scorpio people). The need can’t ever be filled and yet she or he goes searching. Moon Pluto people must learn patience and letting go. And to let the ache just… be there. But then the body cries.

Damn. What to do. Cause more drama or…

The Moon Pluto people may fixate on sex because they don’t know how else to… calm down, self soothe, express the love they feel. Or anxiety. And sometimes it’s just habit. Thoughtlessness. Unconscious behavior.

Question: what does this have to do with Saturn? No matter what else is going on in your chart, Moon Pluto people and other emotional intensitives and sensitives need not control (in the sense of suppression or repression) but skillfullness in the face of facing their desires and drives which can feel uncontrollable and oppressive to themselves and sometimes others. IT IS CANCER SEASON. FEED ME says Cancer Season. FEED ME screams Cancer Season. Feed this mouth and this mouth and this one.

Saturn going direct makes it easier. Really. No matter how it is aspected in your natal chart but you should find transiting Saturn in your chart so that you can clearly see where your container is. Because there are more, many more, containers than you realize. Containers. SUPPORT. Loving arms.

For me, it’s my 3rd House: I can’t put all my desire onto a PERSON. A person can’t fulfill my every need. With a 3rd House transit, I need to MOVE, I need to walk, I need to write (among other things).

Saturn is in Scorpio, the underground, the detective, the surgeon. You can’t do half a job. You can’t stay on the surface. You must go as deep as you possibly can and stop pushing people away, stop self-destructing, stop destroying what you’ve built.

Have you found 4 degrees Scorpio in your chart? 

Love, MP


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