Saturn Conjunct Neptune: Part Deux

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Other ways Saturn on your Neptune (by transit) can manifest (and none of these are guaranteed):

-Saturn is reality and Neptune is illusion. You wake up. See more clearly what your life was,  is, and could be — across the board or particular to the house where Saturn is transiting. You’re able to make changes because you see everything more clearly. One danger is depression or pessimism — fretting over lost years.

You know what? I am SICK of the reality/illusion binary, but it fits. It’s an easy way to talk about Saturn and Neptune and I think those words are TRUE. I have a Saturn Neptune opposition in my natal. So I flip between these poles. Thinking everything is horrible (Saturn pessimism) or candy coated angel wing perfect (Neptune). The truth is in the middle. Saturn on your Neptune CAN feel like a CRASH. The man who fell to earth. An angel falling and breaking her wing (Saturn rules the bones).

Neptune is also ART. Imagination. Your spiritual life. The mystic. Also love, higher vibration of Venus.

-You give form to your spiritual practices, start meditating regularly

-You give form to your creative ideas (the beautiful idea becomes a story, poem, song, play, dance, etc)

-You get married (adding structure to your romantic life)

DEFINITELY revisit the keywords of the house where Saturn is transiting for you/where Neptune natally resides. You have natal confusion there. Natal IDEALS there. Natal DREAMS there. Natal BEAUTY there.

I also believe Neptune shows a natural talent we have, well-aspected or not. I was always a writer. Neptune in my 3rd trine Mercury Mars. But I didn’t do so well in school. See how it works both ways? Neptune is out of focus for memorizing dates in history but perfectly in tune for writing a poem.

Saturn takes your Neptune and HOLDS IT. Get that? Puts a hold ON it. Structure, limitation, form, OUTLINE. Saturn stops your Neptune from gushing gushing gushing.

Saturn is a DAM stopping the flow of gauze, veil, mist, and stardust. You can finally take that dream, that long held dream, and make it come true. How? Effort of course! Discipline. THE WHIP 😉 And you know what? It can be subtle. It doesn’t have to be some huge makeover but little adjustments of shadow and light.

Make sense?

Love, MP


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