Saturn And The Walking Dead

"saturn in scorpio"A few nights ago, I started watching season one of The Walking Dead on my Netflix/computer. And all I could think about was FEAR.

That those zombies are our fears, our Saturns! Herds of them. Not impossible to escape, but challenging. And how relentless they are. And how devoted we must be to staying alive.

What are you afraid of? Your natal Saturn is there. What will help you overcome your fears NOW? Transiting Saturn is there. The strategy changes depending on where you are in life. Not long ago it was where Libra is in your chart. You had to work on THAT. Now it’s the Scorpio part of your chart.

And if you are tired of being afraid of… being alone or broke or sick or getting older or going crazy or things not working out or not finding your life purpose or never having good sex again or any sex again or doing a good job or having a job you don’t hate or standing on your own two feet or leaving your parents house or leaving the city you grew up in or having people die, fear of the dark, of childhood memories, of spiders, of not living… Your fears, your Saturns, are zombies: confused, hungry, out for flesh and blood.

You need an arsenal for these Saturns but first you must realize how cramped and false your life has become. All the choices you have made because of fear.

One stark brief second of insight, or many, and you notice your decisions have been more about keeping the peace (Libra) than about vivisecting (Scorpio) your limitations (Saturn).

During the show I was watching last night, Sheriff Rick remarked about the undead, as they were chasing him: “They don’t get winded. I do.” So he used his smarts and strategy to escape.

Saturn in Scorpio wants you to expose these fears, belly-up and not to make you ashamed, but to set you free. Pluto rules death and surrender. Look at your life. Aren’t you tired of being afraid?



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