Saturn And The Patience Of Job

"saturn in the 2nd house"I was digging through the Archives, looking for a post on Venus in Leo and I found this instead 🙂


Saturn transits feel like someone’s turned out the light. From inside. Or maybe it’s just a another kind of light that you’re becoming. Maybe you’re a candle now or a pilot light that has to be continually re-lit because the flame keeps going.

Saturn transits force you to slow down and this slowing down is actually helpful, useful, even though you may feel helpless or without help.

Pushing will do no good so you may as well stop pushing and I hope I can take my own advice here.

It’s like this: say, God forbid, your house burns down and you’re sitting among the ruin, and what you want to do more than anything is stand up and begin. Just stand up. Begin fixing or call someone or… whatever frantic motion feels best and most reasonable. But you can’t. It’s just not time. Later it will be time. But not now. You can’t move. You’re not allowed to move. Can you imagine? Someone’s dying on the other side of the wall and you can do nothing.

Saturn is slow and Saturn teaches patience and Saturn stops. Stops usDelays, not denies(say the astrologers!).

Saturn transits teach you the patience of Job. You may suffer, you may suffer, you may suffer, you may suffer indignities great or small and then you must hold out your plate and ask for more, please. Still hungry.

My nature is impatient. Moon Pluto in the 1st House wants it yesterday, all problems solved, resolved, and perfect (Virgo), and yet I can live imperfectly for years.

Job was blessed, you know. At the end of that story. He is blessed. I wish somebody had written a part 2. Is he traumatized? Or does he just go on, happy that things got better, even better than before. Is there a part of him that always… looks back and wonders not whybut… Well, if you ever hang around traumatized people, you’ll know what I’m asking. They get a look on their face when they disappear, when they return to that time and place, and they can’t believe they got through it. I know that feeling. And a part of them is likely still back there. It didn’t make the journey to the present. It can take years to become one piece. One peace.

Don’t try to fight the transit. Follow it down. Not to where you can’t move at all, but… respect it. And maybe no one will understand why you need to do what you need to do, but you’ll know. You’ll know the difference.

What is this wasteland? It is your life.

Love, MP

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