Saturn and Pluto Together! Look up!

What is the difference between compulsion and discipline? If someone writes everyday, are they obsessed? Or just working hard? Saturn disciplines. Pluto obsesses. When these two lovebirds meet up, in hard aspect in the sky or in your chart, the energy is not, sigh, easy.

Saturn Pluto can be crushing. Saturn Pluto can be cruel. Some years ago, I met a woman with this aspect in her natal and the word that came to mind was ugly. She wasn’t ugly. She was beautiful, ambitious, creative, with Saturn in her 4th. One day, I learned that a relative on her mother’s side had a kind of self-repulsion which led to self-mutilation. This hard energy was part of her lineage (4th house) and the influence of her mother was apparent in her intense romantic partnerships (Pluto in the 7th House).

Even in the charts of kind and accomodating people, Saturn Pluto can present as coldness, as cruelty.

Right now we’ve got Saturn and Pluto in square in the sky. Both are retrograde but Saturn turns direct next week. This is not to say that every child born these days will be cruel and cold with a lustful ego drive to rival Donald Trump, but every child born these days WILL have this square on their soul, a birthmark, and will need to learn the highest manifestation of this energy.

Isabel Hickey: “Pluto always brings a crisis of some sort, but needs other transiting conditions in the chart to explode its energy.”

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