Saturn And Neptune In Opposition In The Natal Chart

"james joyce"
James Joyce had Venus square Neptune!

Sometimes I think (says Virgo Moon) that to love is to choose. It’s rational, says big bear Saturn. You wake up one day and choose. Decide. Today is The Day that I commit to love.

And then Neptune says: I fall I fall I fall I fall oops whoops I LOVE HIM (or her).

Sounds like a movie, right? And it is. The movie of Your Life, complete with theme song, soundtrack, location shots, leading man or woman, supporting characters, trajectory, narrative, mise-en-scen.

But… which is it? Is love a decision or do you get knocked on the head and wake up stupid 😉

I have a Saturn Neptune opposition in my natal chart and they both square, you guessed it, Venus!

Venus is our love planet: who we love, how we love, what we’re attracted to, desire. Less sexual than Mars (supposedly) and more about what we value, what we want, what we attract, draw in, or, conversely, what we keep out.

This opposition means that I swing between these two poles, sometimes calmly, sometimes wildly, but I always do both, always try to balance, see-saw.

I can spend an enormous amount of time in Fantasy Land and then BOOM I wake up. I smell the coffee 🙂 which is either delicious (Neptune) or rancid (Saturn). Or both! Which is it? With Saturn Neptune, sometimes you are never sure. And you are never sure if you are never sure because Neptune is there!

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