Saturday Night Astrology

I was tired today. Felt under the weather. Allergies maybe. Or getting used to the new warm temperatures here in the Big City. I began to worry whether my blog posts and comments sounded sleepy, too stream of consciousness. I posted anyway. We all have our days 🙂

Right now I’m looking at the sky i.e. where the planets are, the degrees. Sun in early Gemini, the Moon at Aries’ end, Mercury-Venus-Mars in Taurus stellium, Jupiter hanging on at 28 Aries, Saturn retrograde at 10, Uranus in early Aries, Neptune in early Pisces (with Chiron), and our dear friend Pluto, retrograde, at 6 Capricorn. These, my friends, are our friends 🙂

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I’m piled under work, but not complaining. Except wondering why I get my second wind at 9:12 pm when it’s time to… watch Neflix? Clean the cat box?

That Taurus stellium looks a little unsupported to me. And it’s a handful, a mouthful. Personal planets: thinking (Mercury), loving (Venus), doing (Mars). Maybe you can put your focus there. Give the bull some company. Eat well, rest well. Take your time, Saturday night.

Goodnight, fellow stargazers. Sweet dreams. 🙂

Note to self: do not blog while sleeping

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