Saturday Night Astrology

"Mercury in Cancer"
Good Evening Star Gazers

Good Evening, Fellow Star Gazers… how was your day? The day’s not over yet, but it sure feels like it. Was a long one here, warm but… You don’t want to talk about the weather, do you? Let’s talk about The Sky!

Soon it will be Goodbye Gemini Goodbye as the Sun readies and steadies itself for cardinal water, Cancer! Yay! Mercury is already there, in the early degrees and :::sigh:::: opposing Pluto and making other icky aspects to other cardinal signs, you know the drill. Uranus blah blah blah Aries and Saturn blah blah blah Libra. Cancer, lovely Cancer, fills in our t-square and takes us to Grand Cross Town: a place you rather drive on through. Don’t even stop for gas!

And can you believe that Mars is still holding on in Taurus? I can. Taurus the bull is slow 😉 Jupiter of course will be there for a while,  making nice with Mercury in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. Venus sits not so still in mid-Gemini, asking you to chillax, be social, call up a pal. Remember to check your chart for your Venus house, maybe a little oasis of fun and cute beauty in the midst of the summer crush/crunch.

And speaking of summer, the Moon is in Aquarius. Let the water-bearer take you by the hand, poolside. There’s a party going on, lots of people, and it will only get better once the trine to Venus perfects. I’m trying to look on the bright side 🙂 Air is fun, right? Light? Winged?

So there you have it. The news of the world may be bleak, but we have the stars 🙂

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