Saturday Morning Astrology

"Sun in Cancer"
News of the Day

Good Morning, Star Gazers, here’s the round-up: Moon is in Aries but we all know that won’t last 🙂 Nothing teaches us faster and better than the Moon: she’s gonna move! Follow her cycle and you’ll learn about yourself 🙂

Sun? early Cancer. Are you thinking about the eclipse on July 1st?

Mercury: 17 Cancer. I’m glad she’s moved away from the other cardinals. A temporary relief, but I’ll take it.

Mars: early Gemini. Venus: moving into later Gemini. Jupiter in early Taurus making a nice massaging sextile to our Cancer Sun so enjoy that. Definitely a feed yourself aspect. Or a, dare I say it, touch yourself aspect. A little earthy watery oasis.

And the outers are the outers: holding steady in t-square formation: powerful Pluto in Capricorn, undeniable Uranus in Aries, serious Saturn in Libra. Neptune and Chiron in early Pisces, both retrograde.

Venus is separating from a trine to Saturn, but I’ll take that too, I’ll take the serious love. And Mars is applying in trine to Saturn: serious determination.

What do you have planned this weekend? Are you working? Are you resting? Are you escaping? I think I’ll do parts of all three 🙂

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