Sagittarius, Schnitzel, And Why The Inconjunct Is Not A Failure

"full moon in taurus"

I was complaining on Twitter the other day that there wasn’t enough water in the sky. Well, today we’ve got the Moon in Pisces which is trining the Sun in Scorpio as I type this.  I don’t have a Grand Trine in my chart, but I’ll get one, by transit as my Cancer Sun gets pulled in.

How about you? Do you benefit from extra water? 

And it’s a two-trine night as Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries.

Whatever else is going on in your chart, see if you can latch on to this stuff, if you can feel it, if it makes a difference.

Do you feel a wee bit calmer with this smoooooooth energy in the sky? Of course a fire trine is not exactly sleep-inducing smooth but it is harmonious, friendly energy! So go out tonight and make a friend!

And could it be the Sagittarius energy that made me social tonight? Had to be some planetary magic, right? Lord knows I would not have done it on my own, un-pushed!

There I was, home after the long day, sitting on my futon, trying to finish the newsletter, then chatting with my roommate, then unburdening myself to my roommate, and then my roommate was heading out to dinner at a friend’s house, and then there I was, joining her.

AND wouldn’t you know it, but our hostess was a Sagittarius and we got to talking about Occupy Wall Street and I shared my experiences and she’d been too busy to head over (she works full time, is in school, and has a big family) but is anxious to go “see what it’s all about” and “talk to people.”

I swear, to the Cancer creature, the Sagittarius creature is an odd one indeed. Her fire nearly overwhelmed me. Her mind wouldn’t stop, her enthusiasm, her stories, her chaotic friendly household.  Or maybe it was that little bit of wine that I had. And she’s married to a Virgo.

I said to her. You don’t see the details. He does. She looked around the messy kitchen. Her husband was skeptical of course, which is very Virgo, so I cut out the astrology talk. I’m sensitive and didn’t feel like defending this stuff. Can’t help but talk about it though. It’s what I do.

So we talked, we ate. It was a food marathon, I said. And I’ve just reached the finish line.  And I don’t know if all Sagittarius women make amazing schnitzel, but this one does.

It’s never easy for Cancer stellium girl to leave the house, but it always feels so good to come home.


In what sign are YOU a tourist? 

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