Sagittarius on the 4th House Cusp

A little discussion on Twitter got me thinking about Sagittarius on the I.C., my natal placement. This has meant for me, among other things:

1. Always moving house, as a kid and up to about age 30. In college and grad school I must have moved EVERY year.

2. Always having Sadge friends, since childhood, prying me out of my shell/4th House due to their overabundant friendliness.

3. And the truth is… I never thought about it much. Or, I thought it didn’t fit me. Or I didn’t understand how it worked. Or the Sadge Moons I knew? Couldn’t relate. Not to mention that Sadge does square Virgo and I’ve got my Moon and Pluto conjunction there (in the First House). I dislike it intensely when ANYTHING squares my Moon Pluto. I’m very protective of… her. (Oy now I’m actually talking about my planets in the third person. What’s next? Entire conversations with myself on here? Hey….)

4. The first astrologer I ever went to told me that Sadge on my 4th meant that I’d prefer one BIG room rather than a home with a bunch of little rooms. Not sure if that’s true though.

These days, I’m all Sadge-happy for reasons I won’t go into here. Venus in the private secretive loony 12th house keeps it quiet until… it can’t. To be continued… But what sign is on your 4th House? 

Note to self: write a love letter.

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