Sagittarius North Node In The 12th House (Part One)

The private message board that I run is a casual place.

We talk about our lives, real personal, and we get obsessed — with Tarot lately.  And I felt the need for an astrology topic. Someone suggested the Nodes. Fine with me since I’m obsessed with those too.

I want to be able to love freely, without restraint, without constraint. This is what I’m thinking when I lay my mind on so and so’s Sagittarius North Node in the 12th House. 

Both of these — Sagittarius and the 12th House — know no limits. They keep growing. What a marvelous and potentially terrifying placement.  To a Gemini South Node 6th House, grounded in the every day, daily routine reality, health, work, information overload, chit-chat, busy busy. But I guarantee, I promise you, that when you set out on your journey North, you benefit. Your life begins to fit better no matter how strange it seems.

Imagine this. Imagine a ***quiet** Sagittarius. Yes they do exist. Especially when they exist in the 12th House. Retreat. Slowing down.

If Sagittarius is the world (international, travel), then a 12th House Sagittarius has all that world inside them. It becomes private.

Bringing it down to earth a little: if you have this placement, try this. For a day. An entire day. Okay, 8am to 8 pm. No t.v., no phone, no people. Just you. Doing whatever you need to do at home. Read if you want, but books only, no computers. Write. Think. Give yourself a Tarot reading or two. Sagittarius is always up for an adventure, but in this case they are adventures in unplugging, in solitude, in imaginary horses.

Where’s your North Node? 


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