Sad Planets In The 12th House

This blog post is not about anyone in particular but lately I’ve had contact with clients with busy 12th Houses and the question I’m pondering is: does ANY planet become sad when in the 12th? To some degree, yes. The 12th House is a prison. But as I am fond of saying, the 12th also rules “escape.”

I am thinking of Mars there, Chiron there, Pluto there. These are all different, yes, but my main point today is to remind you that the 12th House is what is HIDDEN. The 12th House has secrets. Venus there? Secret love. The Sun there? You may hide who you truly are. Chiron? You keep your pain to yourself. Pluto? How self-destructive (or manipulative) are you? Mars there is rattling the bars, growling, but the thing is this: you don’t even notice it half the time because the 12th can be pushed So Far Down. It’s invisible energy until you FINALLY realize you are making yourself sick.

And, again, this post is not referring to anyone in particular but I swear this month I have seen 12th House after 12th House in client-charts and I want to quote Moses here LET MY PEOPLE (planets) GO.

How? How to redeem 12th House planets? Good question! The first thing to do is… admit that you have a 12th House. That there is stuff about YOU (or your life) that you don’t see or don’t want to see. Start there.

From my 12th House to yours šŸ™‚

Love, MP


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