Running For My Life Part 2 (Mars in Virgo Rx)

"mars retrograde in virgo"

It’s funny, too, all this talk about the gym. I mean, I’m no hard body. No GI Jane. I probably feel more fierce than I look although someone who met me recently did tell me he felt the determination (his word) of my 1st House Pluto. I’m at the gym to keep my weight down. Diabetes and overweight run in the family. Saturn sextiling my natal Venus made me want to look better. 

But it is more than that. Exercise, the kind I’m doing, gives me immense pleasure. I actually enjoy pushing my body, pushing my heart, sweating, love the feeling of being pulled along by the music, love the feeling of getting better at something, stronger.

This reminds me of the Aquarius Sun and the Moon, too, still in Aquarius. Do your own thing. Be yourself. See, at the gym I’m not taking the classes (not yet!) or competing with anyone. It’s just me and the machine and I’m free. It really does feel like flying. Which is why I put that picture up of the horses before. Flying, galloping, whatever it is… it’s the body in motion.

Are you living the Sun in Aquarius? Are you doing your thing? We’ll have to talk some more about Aquarius and the 11th House tomorrow…


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