Running For My Life: Mars Transit Through My First House

"mars retrograde in virgo"

I’m obsessed with Mars in Virgo. Mars in Virgo direct and Mars in Virgo retrograde. Sometimes I capitalize Retrograde. And sometimes I don’t. Which isn’t very Mars in Virgo of me.


Which reminds me: I am aware that my blog posts are full of sentence fragments. I like the freedom to punctuate where I please when I blog.

But the reason for this post tonight is a question for you:

What was Mars Direct for you? Which house is it in? And what does it mean?

And what do you think Mars Retrograde will mean for you? And, yes, I know it may change — it often does.

For me, to name one thing, as I’ve been writing about, it was joining a gym and not just joining a gym but the exercise itself: I’m running for my life. It’s all I want to do. And how I have to force myself to take rest days — even knowing that rest days will make the gym days better.

The gym has a nice view too — where the treadmills are — and I’ve got my music and it’s just me and my body — I feel like I’m working with my body. It cooperates. Even on a day like today when I felt not so fierce but fierce all the same. And exercise is prayer practice: I become grateful.

The 1st House is the body. And Mars rules physical activity and athletes.

But that’s my story. What’s yours?


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