Rest Your Tired Mind: Mercury Trine Jupiter (Retrograde!)

"mercury trine jupiter" The gist of a reading I did not long ago, today:

something can be RIGHT. 100% right. The right decision in every way and it can STILL HURT.
You can still grieve. You can feel sad and scared and full of regret and nostalgia and rosy Neptune AND

You know what? 

Sometimes the MORE you feel that rosy Neptune, the more right the decision is. The power of that Neptune shows you.

I’ve felt this for sure. In my recent past. I regretted a decision that everyone told me was right. They didn’t have to live with the consequences, true, but that didn’t make it less right or true.

Damn. Life is really hard sometimes. Really hard. But remember this: even when you make the right decision, it can feel crummy — for all kinds of reasons! Which is the reason why we delay making such hard decisions. The floodgates open.

We weren’t just under a Sun Jupiter trine today but also a Venus Chiron square (sad tension) some of you may have felt that more, felt that Chiron ache, but tomorrow you can rest your tired mind – we have a Mercury Jupiter trine (both retrograde). Try not to think too hard. Or problem solve. Or correct the grammar of others. Yes I know it’s Capricorn and Virgo but both are looking back back back…